What to wear

Eeekk! the fun part... well sometimes hard part!

Choosing the perfect outfit can really have an effect on how your final images turn out, you wouldn't always think so but it does! So if you are wanting those images to be timeless pieces of art on your wall please read on!

During your session with me I want you to feel confident and comfortable while in-front of my camera and choosing the perfect outfit can really help with this. I also need you need to be able to move freely and have fun! I may have you in water, wandering up hills or in a tree so please keep that in mind!

  • Loose, flowy, natural fabrics like linen and cottons that will move with you. Textured fabrics like lace, denim, velvet and corduroy will also look amazing, but don't over do it!
  • Neutral, earthy tones such as cream, white, beige, brown, tan, denim, olive all look beautiful in the locations I generally shoot at.
  • Don't be too matchy, matchy - ideally your outfits will compliment each other but not be the same.
  • Avoid large prints, patterns and any large graphics or logos.
  • Avoid wearing items you would be worried about getting wet or dirty.

I am always here to help! Have a few ideas but don't now what will be best? no worries! feel free to send me a pic and I can help you make the choice :)

neutral tones

earthy tones

Still a bit stuck?

I know how hard it can be to find the perfect outfit, especially if you don't have much time! So I have put together a small collection of clothing available for you to borrow for your session - no charge! All you need to do is let me know which items you would like a week prior to your session and I will bring them with me. I will need to grab them before we depart ways after out session time is over, so no need to worry about washing them!

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